Enhance Your Driving experience with Dual Sport Tires

Dual Sport Tires are designed for both on-road and 0ff-road riding use. They perform well since they are intended for both dirt road as well as pavement. Dual Sport Tires most of the time give up some dirt performance to be ridden on the street and also some street performance in order to be ridden in the dirt. tire center Tacoma is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Mixing street riding and off-road riding is fun and exciting. Most motorcycle riders want their tires to do both on and off-road. So, why buy two sets of tires when you can get a better price in one set that performs on both terrains. This will also depend on the riding you will be doing mostly. How much dirt will you be riding compared to pavement? Before you select you tires ask yourself this question.

Look for specific tire combinations. The key element in selection of your tires is getting a matched set. This means you buy the same brand and the same model. Keeping tires in a matched set is important since they will have the same profile and construction. Pirelli Dual Sport Tires can be a fine selection for your motorcycle.

The tire manufactures, like Pirelli Motorcycle Tires, produce the Dual Sport ones with varying ratios of street riding vs. off road riding. Depending on how much riding you do of either, the tires are slightly different to try to accommodate that. If a dual sport is made for ten percent street riding and 90 percent off-road riding, it means that the tires will be okay to ride on the street ten percent of the time but not ride perfectly. At the same time the same they will give a better performance in the dirt most of the time. You can ride such on street on your to an off-road destination.

A tire can also be made to be ridden on the street sixty percent of the time and in the dirt forty percent of the time. These are not meant to give the best performance ride off-road or on the street but will be able to give you a decent ride for both. For instance, Pirelli MT60R Dual-Sport Motorcycle Tires, performance credentials come from Pirelli’s Dragon radial technology. They have superb straight line and cornering stability and serious grip in wet conditions plus a superb Motard look.