Tires – A Closer Look

Do you know when you need new tires? When you take your car into the inspection station, how do they check your tires for the minimum amount of tread required? Did you know that when your car pulls to the right or left it could be your front end is out of alignment? Many people do not know about tires, and why they should get them, or when they should be replaced. Some do not know the difference in tires when they go to buy new ones. Maybe when the car was new the handling was better when it was new. Driving through water soaked streets is not as fine-tuned as it once was. The tread on your tires has probably worn down enough so that now there is not enough traction.

Their skilled professionals can answer all your questions on your tires and will explain why you need new ones. When you do visit Orlando for new tires, take a look at the specials they offer. You can buy 4 used tires and receive an alignment, all for $150. When you buy four new tires, you will receive a free front-end alignment, and they will offer a free brake system check with every tire change.

Whoops, you ran over something, and now you have a flat tire. Do the smart thing; don’t throw out that tire. You can have the tire repaired by the tire shop. Most times, a tire that has been punctured or have been damaged by potholes can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new tire. The estimate on repair costs are free, and all work is guaranteed.

While you are shopping for tires, you can also find Orlando auto repair at the same time. When you have your vehicle inspected for needed repairs, one of the things they will do is to inspect all wheel cylinders for leaks, suspension will be checked as well as the brake pads. They will offer tune-ups, check your timing and will even thoroughly check your exhaust system including a muffler check for any leaks or damage. They will also offer a free air condition check on your vehicle for leaks and compressor, orifice tube, condenser, and Freon check.

Another service offered is a check on your vehicles suspension system. There are many issues associated with worn out suspension parts. This can affect many parts of your vehicle including the tires, front-end alignment and the shocks and struts on your vehicle. A worn suspension system can also wear out the engine mounts on the vehicle.

As you can see, there are many hazards associated with tire wear. Your brake system may be in good working order, but worn tires will make the system harder to stop the car. A worn out suspension system can affect tire wear, and tires that have been on the car for over 30,000 miles can wear the tread down, making driving in bad weather conditions hazardous. It is nice to know there is a business that can help with all these issues all under one roof.